Installing pFIRE

Currently pFIRE must be compiled from source. This is available from the github repository at


pFIRE is an MPI application built on top the the PETSc distributed scientific toolkit. It is additionally dependent on the Boost libraries for general utility routines and HDF5 input and output support. There are also optional dependencies which allow support for various additional input image file formats. At least one of these should be used depending on your intended use case.

For all dependencies we recommend using the latest stable version. Additionally we recommend that PETSc be configured to using single precision floating point numbers. This halves memory usage as double precision math provides no real benefit for image registration.

Required Dependencies

  • PETSC >= 3.10.0 (Recommend –with-precision=single)

  • Boost >= 1.58

  • HDF5 >= 1.10.0

Optional Dependencies

  • DCMTK >= 3.6.3 (Support for DICOM image input)

  • OpenImageIO >= 1.8.13 (General purpose image format support e.g .png .tiff and image stack support)

We recommend installing dependencies using your system package manager (e.g synaptic, apt, yum), or on HPC the use of SPACK may be appropriate.

Manually Building pFIRE

pFIRE is installed using cmake, so after checking out the code and ensuring all dependencies are installed first call cmake followed by make

git clone
cd pfire
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..